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Alamat Ng Ampalaya (English Version)

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Once upon a time, There was a town named "Sariwa". All kind of vegetables with their own characteristics live there.

The Kalabasa has sweetness, Kamatis is sour and has a silky skin, Luya is spicy, Labanos has white skin, Talong is purple, Mustasa has green cheeks, Singkamas has its own crunchiness, Sibuyas has thin skin and Patola has attractive rough skin.

But there is one vegetables that is peculiar. It is Ampalaya, with pale skin and unusual taste. Every single day, Ampalaya did nothingbut to compare and envy at other vegetables. Thus, Ampalaya thought of something bad against them.

On evening, Ampalaya took and wore the characteristics of all vegetables. The pale-skinned vegetable is overjoyed when it realized that the unpopular Ampalaya is now beautiful and envied by other vegetables. But there is no secret that cannot be revealed. The other vegetables that were robbed come together.

The decided to follow the strange but beautiful vegetable. The beautiful vegetable wear off every characteristics that it stole. It surprised the other vegetables when they found out that it was the pale-skinned Ampalaya. The vegetables around Ampalaya were angered and complained to the Fairy of Land.

The Fairy punished Ampalaya by transferring all the characteristics of all vegetables on town of Sariwa. Ampalaya is delighted on the outcome. But later on, Ampalaya's skin started to darken and corrugate. Other than that, the taste of all vegetables jumbled inside Ampalaya's body and thereafter, it resulted to unpleasant taste.

And that is the origin of bitter taste Ampalaya.