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Alamat Ng Durian (English Version)

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On one town of Mindanao, there is an old woman named During. She lives on the lower part of the mountain. Her small nipa hut situated in the middle of backyard which sorrounded by trees. The women on their town made Tandang During as a source of fear for their naughty children.

They said that Tandang During is a witch and should be avoided. Tandang During used to live by herself since her husband and their children died. Tandang During is a quiet person and due to her age, the old woman preferred to take care of her plants.

Tandang During is ill-tempered thus, the people avoid her. When her loved ones died, some people offered help but the old woman rejected them. Since then, people started to avoid her and became a source of fear for young childrens.

Several years have passed, the young childrens are now grown up. But still, Tandang During is still there on the mountain and didn't want to interact with others.

One night, the wind blew a strange odor on the entire town. They don't know what and where it came from. The odor lasted for several days and it became unpleasant. The people decided to find the source of unpleasant odor.

They joined together and went to Tandang During's house. They learned that the unpleasant odor was really originated from that place. They look for Tandang During but they did not see it. Instead, they saw an unusual tree wherein the fruit looks hard and with sharp-pointed skin. Because the fruit is already ripe, it started to outstretched. One of them voluntarily climbed and picked the fruit. They covered their nose while they open it and they all tasted a very delicious fruit. Hence, the people picked some and brought it home.

When they are walking back into their own home, they bumped into an old man and asked what kind of fruit is they are carrying. They simultaneously said "This fruit came from During's plant". They gave some fruit to the old man and since then, through the word of mouth, the fruit was called "Durian".