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Alamat Ng Langaw, Ipis At Lamok (English Version)

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Donya Segunda is known for being kind and helpful. Her house is always welcome for everyone.

One day, a stranger came to Donya Segunda's house and told the woman

"I will leave you these children. They are not my children, but they are my creation."

Donya Segunda was dazed on what she had heard. The stranger took advantage of it and it flee. Due to her kindness, Donya Segunda adopted the three young boys that were intentionally left by the stranger.

The five young girls who is also adopted by Donya Segunda were delighted to see the new adopted childrens. However, the two old maids seems nervous. They felt something different when they saw Mok, Ngaw and Ipipis. They seemed like an unusual entity.

Donya Segunda wondered why suddenly the five young girls has had skin rashes. They wondered how they were infected, while the three adopted boys continuously growing healthy. Donya Segunda was glad to see the boys becoming healthy but she is unaware that the three boys were bullies. The three boys shows their bad side when Donya Segunda is away. They often bullied and make the five girls cry.

One night, the two maids discovered the secrets of three adopted boys. The three boys were actually a disgusting insects. Every time Ngaw flies and land, Every time Ipipis crawl, they both leave germs to food and drinks of the five young girls. Meanwhile, Mok is sucking the blood of sleeping children.

The two maids were scared and hurried to tell Donya Segunda about what they witnessed. They also told what the three boys did to young girls. But Donya Segunda did not believed them, because in front of her, the young boys seemed so fragile. Nothing happened on what they said to Donya Segunda. Hence, the two maids decided to watch and capture the three insects and show it to Donya Segunda. However, the boys were smart and they did not transform into insect. They always hurt the five young girls.

One afternoon, the five girls are playing and the three boys step closer and without a single word, they hit the young girls. The young girls utter a loud cry. Suddenly, a young boy appeared.

"Get ready for now! Finally, I had found you all. You don't deserve to be a human!"

But the young boy was ignored by Mok, Ngaw and Ipipis. Instead, the three joined force to beat the young boy and they did not notice the arrival of Donya Segunda and the two maids. Donya Segunda witnessed everything and now believes how bad the three young boy is. Donya Segunda were angered and asked the adopted young boys to get out of their house. But instead, the three young boys just smirked and showed their hidden fang and glaring eyes.

The people around the three boys were shocked and don't know what to do.

On that moment, the young boy re-appeared on the middle. The young boy was actually an angel in disguise.

"In the name of God, I command you to transform back into your old form, cursed creature!"

In just a wink of an eye, the three boys transformed into an insect and they were not really a real human.

The angel explained everything. According to him, "There are treacherous angel who entered and meddled the sacred creation of God. They created disgusting insects. The God found out what they did and ten of them was cursed and sent out of heaven. They fell into gutter, stinky areas and became disastrous insects. God allowed the insects to live to let people learn the importance of cleanliness. Because cleanliness makes the disastrous insects die".

The angel known that his explanation is enough. Thus in a moment, it vanished in a thin air.

Since then a similar insect like Mok who sucks blood at night was called "Lamok", an insect like Ngaw who flies and land at stinky trash cans was called "Langaw", an insect like Ipipis was called "Ipis" who likes to hide on dark and dirty corners of the house.

Until now, these insects continues to harm people. Especially the innocent children. But if we come together, we know how to annihilate them.