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Alamat Ng Makahiya (English Version)

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Mang DonDong and Aling Iska was a rich couple with an only child named Maria. They really loved their 12 year old daughter. Maria is kind and obedient kid. Behind Maria's benign attitude, shyness was affiliated with her persona. She doesn't want to be a subject of discussion and thus, She just go to her room to avoid some people.

Maria has a garden with beautiful flowers. Her flowers are so beautiful and it was famous throughout their town.

One day, their town was attacked by bandits. The bandits killed every person in front of their way. They also took all the valuable things they had found. In fear of being involved, Mang DonDong and Aling Iska hid Maria under the pile of plants. Aling Iska hid inside their house while Mang DonDong was in front door to protect them from bandits.

"God please save my child" said by Aling Iska

All of a sudden, their door opens. Mang DonDong was stunned after he was hit on the head by the bandit. Aling Iska attempted to escape but like her husband, she was also hit and lost her consciousness. The bandits searched the entire house. After they took all valuable things of Mang DonDong and Aling Iska, the bandits also look for Maria but they were disappointed. They did not see Maria.

When the couple gained consciousness, they immediately look for Maria. The couple ran into garden but disheartened when they did not see their daughter. Out of nowhere, a plant poked Mang DonDong's feet. They were amazed when they saw a type of plant which quickly close its leaf.

"What kind of plant is this? This is the first time i saw this kind" said by Mang DonDong

The couple looked closely on the unknown plant and suddenly realized that it was no different with their daughter Maria. She was transformed by God into a plant to make her safe from bandits.

Aling Iska cried continuously and Mang DonDong noticed that every drop of his wife's tear, the plant begin to sprout a small and circular pink flower.

Since then, the couple took care of the plant carefully. Believing that it was their daughter. They called it "Makahiya" a trait of Maria.