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Alamat Ng Palay (English Version)

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Our ancestors have their own way of living since the ancient times. They don't have permanent home. They often moved from one place to another. They just stopped wherever the food is present. They stay at cave, the others built their home on the top of large trees. While the rest built their home which is made from cogon grass.

Among these groups who built their home from cogon were Burnik and Paway. They were living together for one year and Paway is already pregnant with their first child.

"Let's stay on this place. I will give birth soon so we need a permanent place to stay" Said by Paway

Burnik understand his wife and thus, he searched for a place wherein there are plenty of trees and is nearby on river. He built a small hut which is made from cogon.

Meanwhile, Burnik got plenty of foods. The place he found was rich in fruits and fish. While it's taking longer, the food that Burnik obtained are starting to diminish.

One day, while Burnik is looking for food, he arrived at a place with plenty of growing grass. It has a fruit with golden color. A native told Burnik to get some of its fruit, grind until he gets the white seed and cook it. The native called it "Palay".

Burnik is overjoyed. Now they are certainly have a resources of food. He planted numerous Palay seeds and the native also taught Burnik how to multiply it.

Until now, planting Palay is the occupation of most farmers.