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Alamat Ng Sampalok (English Version)

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Once upon a time, there are three wicked Prince named Sam, Pal and Lok. They often meet and accompany each other everytime they had to go somewhere. Everytime they are together, a cruel act will surely happen. Those mentally ill and unintelligent was being toyed, accused and imprisoned. They are terribly cruel and arrogant towards the lower-class citizen. They did not respect even the elders. They are only good with wealthy people and their peer.

One time, the three prince passed on a small river. They stopped for a moment to stare those bathing women in creek. They were entertained to see those bodies and they laughed like a psychopath.

"Our majesty, please do not look and make fun of us"

An angered Prince Sam went down and without a single word, he slapped the pleading woman. The prince attempted to repeat its action but an old woman intervened. Due to being disrespectful of the three prince, they beat the old woman.

The frightened womens were jammed in the corner. They have no idea how they can help the unknown old woman. All of a sudden, everyone were dazed, the old woman transformed into a fairy.

"Its time to end your wickedness". The fairy pointed her finger to the three prince and their eyes suddenly dropped. It was terrifying to see how their eyes was eaten by soil.

Instead of making an apology, the three prince were infuriated and threatened them. After the three prince find their own horse, they separate ways and departs. Because they are now blind, the three prince don't know how to get back. The horse continuously ran until they all fell from cliff.

On the next day, every one were astonished when they discovered a tree. It was on the same spot wherein the eyes of three prince were sunken.

Days have passed, the tree produced fruits. When they ate the fruit, it was very sour! They also noticed that there is an etched on the seed similar to a closed eye thus, they remembered the eyes of Prince Sam, Prince Pal and Prince Lok. Because of that, they called the tree and its fruit as "Sampalok". Since then, people learned how to use Sampalok as a sour ingredient to their dish.