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Once upon a time, on a wealthy kingdom, there was a beautiful princess named "Amapela".

She was adored by everyone. But behind her beautiful face was her gloomy side.

The princess was very ill-tempered and boastful.

"I don''t want ugly people, take them away from the castle!" said by the princess every time she sees ugly people around her.

Because of her, only the beautiful ones can stay and work the castle. Those ugly people were taken away from the castle.

Time has passed and Princess Amapela should choose a man she would marry. Everyone at the castle prepared and invited numerous royal people from different kingdoms.

Several elegant Prince came to the castle just to marry the
beautiful Princess.

And everyone stands up when Princess Amapela has chosen Prince Algori, a very handsome Prince.

Prince Algori stands out among the rest of the man around Amapela. But even before Amapela chose Algori, she had noticed a very ugly Prince behind Algori.

"Who are you?" said by the Princess

"Are you not ashamed how ugly you are? Come back to the cave of yours!"

Everyone was surprised about Amapela''s attitude.

"I chose Prince Algori, I will gonna mary him" and the Princess points out Algori.

Prince Algori was happy when he heard it, and Algori kissed Amapela''s hand.

"What are you waiting for? go away and I don''t want to see you anymore!" said by the angry Princess

"I will not regret not to be chosen by you. What is such beauty if you had that kind of ugly attitude" said by the ugly Prince.

Suddenly, the Prince transformed into a very handsome Prince and they did not even realize the ugly Prince is the God of beauty.

Everyone was astounded including the Princess.

Later on, the wedding of Algori and Amapela were celebrated.

"Now we''re married, you have to come with me" said by Prince Algori

"What do you mean?" asked by Amapela

Suddenly, Prince Algori transformed into an ugly and hairy creature.

Everyone was shocked. The same thing also happened to Amapela. She also transformed into a hairy creature like Algori.

All people on the entire castle can''t believe what they saw.

It was too late, Algori the God of animals took Amapela into the forest where his kingdom resides.

Amapela became the very first monkey on the forest. It was the punishment for her bad attitude.

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