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Source: Wikipedia

I wonder why it was never mentioned on media but let''s take a look at brief description of her biography from wikipedia.

"Jessica Soho (born March 27, 1964) is a Filipina broadcast journalist known as the host of the news magazine program Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho on GMA Network and the newscast State of the Nation with Jessica Soho on GMA News TV."

Okay just a few facts about Jessica Soho

For those who stumbled upon on this article searching for the identity of Jessica Soho''s husband...

I am sorry to say this but she had none. BOKYA. WALA. SINGLE! :)

May reason siguro kaya mas pinili ni Ms. Jessica na maging single and we just need to respect it :)

So alam mo na? walang asawa si Ms. Jessica Soho. period. k. dot.

Teka saan ko ba nalaman na wala syang asawa?

Clue: sa GMA 7 :D