List of Holidays in November 2017 (Philippines)

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Below is the list of holidays in November 2017

November 1 - All saints day

November 2 - All souls day

November 13,14,15 - ASEAN SUMMIT

November 16,17 - ASEAN SUMMIT

November 30 - Bonifacio Day

According to Metro Manila Council, all levels in public and private schools will be suspended on November 16 to 17 due to ASEAN SUMMIT.

MMC also said that MalacaƱang will announce if classes on 13 & 15 will be suspended.

It turns out that November 13 to 15 is indeed a HOLIDAY!

President Rodrigo Duterte announced last saturday that November 13 to 15 is a special non-working days in Metro Manila, Pampanga and Bulacan. (Sorry for those who live outside the mentioned areas haha)

Below is the announcement of Pres. Duterte

enter image description here