Gosurf99: How to Register? (Globe)

Ever wondered how to register GoSurf99? here's how

I tried dialing *143# and it seems that there was no option for "GoSurf99" unlike its counterpart GIGASURF99 of SMART which is valid for 7 days.

Thus, I tried texting "gosurf99" and sent it to 8080. But this was the reply from I received GLOBE

enter image description here

GoSurf99 is no longer available, but fortunately, GOTSCOMBODD70 is there and much cheaper! for only 70 pesos, you can avail the 1GB data for 7 days! and unli-allnet text! how cool is that!

To register for GOTSCOMBODD70

Just text GOTSCOMBODD70 and send it to 8080

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