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Bell''s Palsy is a condition wherein half of the face is paralyzed. No one really knows, even Doctors about the exact cause of it. On rare cases, both face can be affected and they called it "Bilateral Bell''s Palsy". The symptoms of BP are the following:

If you have these symptoms and with rashes on ears, maybe you have the similar condition called "Ramsay Hunt Syndrome".

Bell''s Palsy is devastating not only on physical but also the emotional condition of the patient.

Anyone can have it even infants, kids, teens and adult. Even Hollywood celebrities had been diagnosed with BP such as George Clooney, Sylvester Stallone, Pierce Brosnan and Angelina Jolie.

Below are some of the popular treatment for BP, though according to research / articles I read, patient with BP can heal without any treatment. (Please take note that I am not a Doctor. Consult your Doctor before taking these treatments)

Treatment for Bell''s Palsy