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Summertime Saga PC Password (Sister's Computer)

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For those who are looking for password of your sister's computer in Summertime Saga well, you came into the right place!

Below is the PC password:


Take note of the capitalization and also try to sneak at her room when she is asleep thus you will not get caught .lol

Additionally, you will have the option to use her computer once you read her diary. Diary of secrets .lol

Summertime Saga is a visual/dating game and it is really strictly not for kids. As of now, the game is in the initial stage and there's a lot of more features, characters, locations, scenes to be added soon. Summertime Saga is created by DarkCookie and his team. (I assumed he's a guy).

You may support the game by becoming a patron at their page.

Edit: For those who are looking for their own PC password it is: cookies

It is written on the note beside the monitor .lol

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Good Luck on Summertime saga Game
Its worth the play!