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Where To Go Find the Golden Compass Summertime Saga

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Where To Go Find the Golden Compass Summertime Saga

So you would like to complete the task of finding the golden compass in Summertime saga, you came at the right place. The Golden compass is a very important tool to complete the golden Lure and incidentally you need it to begin Aqua’s story.

After Day 1 in school you can start doing your treasure hunting for the golden compass. However you need to go through different routes to complete the task. The relevant sections of the walkthrough will go into detail on how to unlock the locations and events.

In summary here are what you will do. 

For the  Walkthrough

1.      At the Pier - Talk to Cpt. Terry (What's your secret)

Pier will let you know that you can get the golden Lure in exchange for golden compass.

You look for an old fisherman but you need to ask Roz about it. The oldest resident in town is Roz, the hospital receptionist.

2.      Go to the Clinic - Talk to Roz (Ancestry)

Go to Mrs. Johnsons route and help Erik against Dexter then you can get access to the location hunt. Head over to the reception area and ask Roz about ancestry.

To find out more about Ben Dover, the boat smith, check out the documents in your inventory. To continue the hunt, you must locate his grave marker.

3.      Inventory - Open Obituary Records

4.      Graveyard - Left Gravestone

There’s a crack on Diane’s yard you can go to the cemetery through here. Find Ben Dover's tombstone. Find the large bell.

5.      Church Bell Tower – Bell

Go to the church and look for the bell. Click door in upper left. Go up the stairs and inspect

6.      Hill - Left Tree Hole - Obtain Old Scroll (What puzzle looks like)     

There is a tree with hole in it, go to Raven hill and check the big tree. Get the scroll so you know the next activity. Go to the forest at night using Mrs Johnson’s path and find Anna’s dog. Inspect stone and do minigame then you can get the old map.

7.      Park - Fountain - Coin (Cross, Bottom mid) for Code

Go to the coin park, get the special mark coin on bottom left.

8.      Beach - Island - Click and dig

To start excavating, click on the odd statue. You can find a shovel in your home's garage if you don't already have one.

9.      Code - 1513 (Octopus - Mermaid - Octopus - Anchor )