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Where To Find Mia's Father (Summertime Saga)

For those who are searching for Harold (Mia's father), follow the procedures below. No more chitchat or BS let's get straight to the point.

  1. Go to Mia's house preferably by afternoon so you can talk to Mia and her mom.
enter image description here

  1. After talking to them, proceed to Police Station and look for Earl then talk to him coz he'll guide you.
enter image description here

  1. Thereafter, go and look for Yumi (The police woman). She is on the Police Basement
enter image description here

  1. Yumi will then ask you to look at Harold's desk for additional clue
enter image description here

Click the picture frame on Harold's desk, it will give a clue about the latter's location which is Raven Hill

  1. Then go to Raven Hill, circled with red

    enter image description here

  2. There you go, you will see Harold in the background! Poor Harold.

    enter image description here

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